SnoWay 26 Series Snow Plow

Sno Way Snow Plows Snow and Ice 26 Series Plow

Sno-Way snow plows are renowned for their high-strength, quality and durability.

  • The 26 Series is no exception. Like the Sno-Way 29HD, the 26 series has a welded blade skin construction with an eye on keeping weight optimal. Should you desire a poly skin for the slick surface, you can now add the optional EZ-Fit Blade Skin with minimal weight effect. The 26 has all of the same standard features as Sno-Way’s commercial plow line without the extra weight: High-strength steel FlexForce™ frame construction, heavy-duty A-frame, patented EIS™ lighting technology, direct linkage lifting system and an ultra-responsive hydraulic package. You’ll enjoy rock-solid performance with this compact plow package all winter long.
  • Patented Ground Hugger Blade Design — Keeps Plow on the Ground
  • Drive In Truck Mount System
  • Optional Down Pressure® Hydraulics System — Scrapes clean forward and back dragging — Increases snow-moving efficiency 30%
  • Pre-Drilled Top Blade Rail — Allows for E-Z Installation of E-Z Fit Deflector
  • Robust Full-Load Trip Springs
  • EIS™ – Energy Interruption System — Down-time reduction — Corrosion elimination — Plug and play design
  • Patented Shock Killer™ Trip Return System — Reduces Return Shock to Truck and Driver
  • Superior Paint for Corrosion Resistance — Zinc Phosphate Rinse — E-Coat Primer — Powder Coat Finish

Order 1 ea of the following to Complete a Plow Configuration

  • (A) 26 Series Power Paks (Includes Hydraulics, A-frame, Swing Frame, Lights. Light Brackets, EIS Light Harness)
  • (B) 26 Series Plow Blades **Plow shoes not included with blades - order separately as needed**
  • (C) Plow Controls
  • (D) EIS Light Harness Adapter (Due to the different vehicles, please contact the Lawnmower Hospital for proper EIS Light Harness Adapter)
  • (E) 26 Series Sub-Frames (Due to the different vehicles, please contact the Lawnmower Hospital for proper Subframe) OR Both of (F) VMK & VCM
  • Shipping, Set-up and PDI extra

Contact your Sales Rep for Fleet Pricing
99101083 2680 Poly Shin Kit D13 $140.00
99101084 2690 Poly Shin Kit D13 $140.00
99101095 2690R Poly Shin Kit D13 $140.00
99100770 (A) 26 Series Gravity Hydraulics D13 $3,295.00
99100771 (A) 26 Series Down Pressure Hydraulics D13 $3,825.00
99101092 (A) 26R Series Power Pak Down Pressure & Wings D13 $4,800.00
99101067 (B) 6' 8" Steel Blade with Steel Cutting Edge D13 $745.00
99100713 (B) 6' 8" Polycarbonate Blade with Steel Cutting Edge D12 $793.00
99101068 (B) 7' 6" Steel Blade with Steel Cutting Edge D13 $845.00
99100715 (B) 7' 6" Polycarbonate Blade with Steel Cutting Edge D12 $863.00
99101093 (B) 8' 26R Steel Blade with Steel Cutting Edge D13 $955.00
99101124 (C) ProControl - Wired D13 $435.00
99100994 (C) ProControl - Wireless D13 $545.00
EIS (D) Wire Harness Adapter D13 $110.00
SUBFRAME (E) Subframe D13 $710.00
VMK (F) Vehicle Mount Kit D13 $375.00
VCM (F) Vehicle Center Member D13 $335.00
99100969 4-Sight Plow Lighting Kit D13 $120.00
96102542 Plow Shoes - Optional D12 $35.00
99100931 E-Z FIT Deflector D13 $225.00
96109205 Emergency Parts Kit D12 $275.00
Blade Width (26-6'-8")80"
Blade Width (26-7'-6")90"
30° Angle Plowing Width (26-6'-8")69"
30° Angle Plowing Width (26-7'-6")78"
Blade Height26"
Weight - Mild Steel (26-6'-8")456 lbs.
Weight - Mild Steel (26-7'-6")471 lbs.
Cutting Edge (Gr. 1080 Steel)3/8" x 6"
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs7 / 0
Plow Lights w/EIS™ TechnologyDual Halogen
Trip Springs: Extension2
Shock Killer™ SystemStandard
Down Pressure™ Hydraulic SystemOptional
Wireless Pro-ControlOptional
Mount SystemDrive In
Complete plow weight does not include weight of subframe.-

26 Series Plow

Side View

Installed Front View
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